Software for Plan 9, Fourth Edition

(22 August 2003)

This page links to collections of Plan 9 software, here and elsewhere. Some of the software was developed specifically for Plan 9. Other packages were developed for other systems and ported to Plan 9 (usually by someone other than the original author). If you have any queries or comments, please make contact directly with the person named in each entry (or if no name is given). Generally, this site acts only as a distribution point. No warranty of merchantability or fitness for any purpose attaches to any of this software, especially Perl.

Software written for Plan 9

Netkey for non-Plan 9 clients
Implementations of Plan 9's netkey for non-Plan 9 client systems
A gzip'd tar of a simple implementation of the syslog service that is used by some network devices (eg, routers) to log events. 24 July 2000

Software ported to Plan 9

MIX assembler/interpreter
A Plan 9 port of an assembler/interpreter for MIX, the assembly language used in examples in Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming (and you thought virtual machines were a new idea: this one can be binary or decimal!). This program was written by Darius Bacon (with later work by Eric Raymond), and easily ported to Plan 9 using its pcc., 5 June 1998
photopc software
photopc.tgz is the source for Crosser and Lightner's photopc software, ported by me to Plan 9. It allows downloading of images from Agfa, Olympus, and other digital cameras. The source has been specialised to Plan9's native compilation environment, and uses a Plan 9 mkfile(see README.Plan9). I have plans to convert or rewrite it to provide a file service interface., 6 June 2002
picasm is Timo Rossi's assembler for the Microchip PIC16Cxx microcontroller. The source is Rossi's except for the addition of a Plan 9 mkfile and a few small changes to port it (see README.Plan9)., 6 June 2002
rsynth is a basic text-to-speech system. I have run it on MIPS and Intel under Plan 9. You'll need to fetch a pronouncing dictionary (see the README)., 6 June 2002
Source for Dick Grune's sim program, which reveals similar sections of code in one or more C programs. (Gzip'd tar file), 6 June 2002
XaoS: fractals
"A fast, portable, realtime fractal zoomer"
See (Europe) or (USA).

Kernel and compiler components

NCR SCSI driver
SCSI driver for the NCR53c810 SCSI adapter (and compatible devices).
Subject to a further update, my Power PC compiler work is included as qa, qc, ql (and supporting libraries) in the Fourth Edition., 5 May 2002

Software for the Second Edition (1995)

The following might be useful to anyone who wishes to port Plan 9 Fourth Edition to similar platforms:

Be Box (dual-processor PowerPC 603/603e)
I did the first Plan 9 port to the PowerPC, in the form of the dual-processor Be Box. I did the compiler suite qa/qc/ql for it, that is in the current distribution. The BeBox is no longer made, but the various 32-bit Power PC implementations are broadly similar, although the MMU, cache-control, and I/O subsystems vary considerably (for instance between the 6xx/7xx and the 4xx series). Nevertheless the source code for /sys/src/9/be might be useful to someone doing a 6xx PowerPC port, perhaps even to update the port to the BeBox. The bootstrap code from /sys/src/boot/be is provided as well, but I still need to recover notes on how to use the result! (Watch this space.)
Eltec Eurocom-6 (68030)
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