68030 kernel port of Plan 9

Existing 68020 and 68040 ports formed the basis for a port to the 68030-based Eltec Eurocom-6 in a VME crate. This port was used for student project work at the University of York: developing neural network software to control a robot. The robot's camera was attached to a VME frame grabber card in the Eltec crate; connections from a parallel port controlled the robot's motors; input from a joystick allowed manual control. The devices could be controlled by programs running in the crate (as a CPU server), or imported by another machine running Plan 9 (a Sun-3) for transparent remote control.

Some of the work might be useful to people considering a port to other 68030 platforms, such as the Amiga or the older 68030-based NeXt cube not supported by the Plan 9 distribution. In particular:

The Plan 9 kernel for the Eltec, including MMU support and drivers, is also available, as a boddle against /sys/src/9/next:

You will need the modified 2a, etc. installed before you can make the Eltec kernel.

C H Forsyth, 12 March 1998