PowerPC Compiler suite

The compiler suite is part of the new Plan 9, Third Edition. It includes the source for the the C compiler, assembler and loader (linker), namely qc, qa and ql. It includes the source for PowerPC-specific parts of the libraries, and a sample Plan 9 kernel port that uses the collection /sys/src/9/mpc. As with all Plan 9 compilers, it is automatically a cross-compilation suite when compiled on any existing Plan 9 architecture (mips, sparc, intel, 68020).

The basis for the magic number Q_MAGIC is 21. The letter is q. The string is power.

The main restrictions are:

The suite was originally developed and tested on a 486 by building and using the PowerPC emulator qi. It has since been used for several years to compile and build a complete Plan 9 system (on a BeBox), native Inferno kernels for several PowerPC target platforms, and hosted Inferno (emu) for Plan 9 on the PowerPC.

The PowerPC interpreter qi will be made available here shortly.

C H Forsyth, 13 June 2000